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Book Signing The National Charter Network Conference in Boston, June 30 - July 3

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Elevating Education With Dr. Stephen Peters

The Peters Group LLC is proud to be under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Peters. He has been a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, director, and superintendent of schools. He is the past president of The International Literacy Association and featured subject of the BBC documentary, American High School, A School in The South. Dr. Peters is one of the most sought after speakers/trainers in the U.S.

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A Vision for Positive Change

In Dr. Peters vision, a fresh perspective is brought to public education, emphasizing its positive aspects. The Peters Group LLC aims to collectively reshape school culture, inspire, and effectively teach the current generation, with a shared commitment to leaving zero students behind.

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Leadership in Literacy Advocacy

Dr. Stephen Peters advocacy for literacy is deeply embedded in his work around the world. He believes, poverty is the enemy of education, but literacy is the vaccine for poverty.

Inspiring Transformation, One Classroom at a Time

Aligned with Dr. Peters' vision, The Peters Group LLC believes in the power of collective action to inspire and effectively teach. The mission is clear: working together to ensure no student is left behind. Join The Peters Group LLC in this transformative endeavor as they collectively shape the future of education.